About Us

Roger Dahlenburg:

Roger brings a very diverse background to Dahlenburg Construction.

Roger’s father was a partner in Dahlenburg Brothers and worked in this construction business for 50 years, retiring at age 69.  Herbert had a shop and Roger was active making things out of wood at a very young age.  By the age of ten, Roger had his own table saw that was shortened down to his height.  He was taught to respect the tools and how to make things out of wood.  Through high school and college, Roger worked on Dahlenburg Brothers construction crews, usually on the framing crew, since the younger guys were needed to carry the lumber.

Roger earned a degree in Accounting and spent 34 years in corporate life including jobs in all facets of accounting including controller.  He was instrumental in establishing the cost accounting system for one new plant start up and even traveled to France several times to set up a cost accounting and inventory system for a French manufacturing plant.  Roger is the financial partner of Dahlenburg Construction

All through his corporate life, Roger never lost his desire to build with wood.  In the mid to late seventies, Roger teamed up with a man working at the same corporation and the two of them built four houses over a four year period as a sideline business while working full time corporate jobs.  He constructed his own workshop in 1983 and continued to build cabinets and furniture as a hobby business along with his corporate life.   In 2004, corporate down sizing and boredom with corporate accounting finally convinced Roger to team up with Rob to start a new venture.

It’s Roger’s goal to provide Dahlenburg Construction with a solid financial background and many years of construction wisdom and common sense to build a company that will be strong and viable for Rob’s lifetime and beyond.

Rob Dahlenburg:

Growing up in a home with a wood shop, Rob has been around the construction trade is whole life.  His younger years were spent in the shop building custom cabinets with his father.   When he graduated from Bismarck-Henning high school in 2000 he decided to attend Parkland College in Champaign IL.  He received a degree in Building Construction and Repair.

While in college he worked at a major subdivision builder who built 60 plus home’s per year in the Champaign area.  His responsibilities were construction site management, and final punch out of the new home. After 2 years with them he decided to take a job that was more on the construction side of the industry instead of the business side.  He worked for a small construction company in the Royal, IL area.  While there, he worked with an expert carpenter who had been in the construction industry for more than 50 years.  They worked on everything from framing new homes, to room additions, to installing kitchen cabinets, decks, and even turning an old vacant building into office space.

After 2 and half years with them it was time for Rob to fulfill his lifelong dream of hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail, all 2174 miles of it! While on his hike he realized that it was time for him to carry on the family tradition of owning his own construction company.  When he returned in July of 2004, Dahlenburg Construction was formed.  Later that year, Roger Dahlenburg joined his son to form the partnership.